Sorry Images For Being Negative

Browse through the collection of sorry images, e-cards with messages for being negative. Apologise and say "I am sorry for being negative" with the one who has been hurt by your negative attitude. Being negative always lands you in trouble. So if you have been rude and negative to your loved ones saying sorry is a must. Pass on the sorry wallpapers, pictures and quotes for being negative from here.

    From the day I was born to this present day, I have not been the son that you deserved. But I promise that tomorrow will be the magical day when your son will be reborn to become the child you truly deserve. I am sorry mom.

    I know that I caused you a lot of pain, I promise that I'll give you a hundred times more happiness than insults. Sorry for being negative.

    When I lost you, I realized that only with you, I felt alive. Sorry for being negative, I love you.

    I now realize that I have always overshadowed your happiness with mine. I thought I understood you but I did not, until now. I am very sorry my love for being negative, give me another chance.

    Our relation was supposed to be immune to the earthly diseases called fighting, arguing and lies. Now i have to take the counter measure called sorry to save this beautiful relationship.

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