Sorry Images, Messages for Birthday

Your simple birthday wish can mean a lot to your someone special. The mind and heart would be on high expectations to get a special wish on the special day, birthday. It is assured to leave your buddy with disappointment when you are absent, or when you fail to wish on his/her day. If you are feeling regretful for hurting your lovely person, then it is important to set things right with a sorry. We update you here the best collections of sorry images, messages, and pictures to convey your apologies to your special someone on his/her birthday. These sorry greetings, wallpapers, e-cards, and quotes are easy to download and share via digital platforms.

    Even if I have forgotten to wish you on your birthday by a mile, I hope that you celebrated it with a huge smile. Sorry and Happy birthday to you.

    I am very disappointed with myself because I forgot to wish you on your birthday. I hope that you will forgive me and won’t be mad at me. Belated Happy birthday dear!

    Even if I did not wish you on your birthday, you are still the most special person in my life. I want you to be happy in the year ahead, happy birthday!

    I would not say sorry to you because I am sure you already know that I am. Just tell me how I can make up to you and I will. Belated Happy birthday!

    I not only forgot to wish you on your birthday but I also forgot to brush my teeth, wear my tie and eat my lunch. I am really forgetting things often these days. Sorry and Happy belated birthday to you.

    You live life in the fast lane but you know that I am a little slower and that is why I am late to wish you on your birthday. Happy belated birthday.

    You know, it is better late than never and I hope that you had one of the best birthdays ever.

    Do you need a reason to go and party? Well, till the belated birthday wishes keep flowing in, you will have all the reasons for partying. Sorry and Happy birthday to you.

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