Sorry For Blaming You Quotes

Every one of us will be pushed to a situation where we have to blame others. But, later we feel guilty for that. At such circumstances, use our images, pictures and wallpapers with Sorry For Blaming You Quotes to express your apology. Downloading and Sharing these e-cards and greetings with messages will help you to get out of your guilt feel and also it will cool them for a great extent.

    I’m sorry for blaming you for everything, and I’ve hurt myself by hurting you so much.

    I am sorry for blaming you for everything that happened between us. Please forgive my dear darling.

    I have never taken you for granted. A little solitude and spare is all that I wanted. I am sorry for blaming you.

    Beloved, let this quarrel be our greatest misfortune. All of us make mistakes, let's forgive each other, and will continue to love and care for each other.

    Life does give everyone a second chance. But, I am saying sorry for blaming you at my first chance is because I can't wait to see smile on that face again.

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