Sorry Crying Images, Quotes, Messages

The hardest part of life is seeing a couple of tears from the eyes of the person whom you love. If you are the reason behind that tears, then it is much worse. Wipe the tears of your loved one by expressing your apology through these Sorry Crying Images, Quotes, Messages. Download and post these sensible pictures in the timeline of your loved one to console them.

    when I say sorry, I mean it.

    I’m sorry if you are right.

    I’m sorry it happened.

    Will you accept my apology.

    Express your apology to your loved one with a couple of tears and a touching message. For you to do that, we have gathered these Sorry Crying Images, Quotes, Messages. Feel free to use these heart touching pictures to melt the heart of your dear ones.

    Sorry, I broke you.

    My sincere apologies for your tears.

    I am sorry for all that you are going now.

    Plz forgive me for all that I did to you.

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