Sweet Sorry SMS

If you find yourself in this section it is because you have made a mistake and want to mend it somehow. Find here Sweet sorry SMS messages to share with your Girlfriend to please her to forgive you for what you did. Sending sweet romantic sorry SMS to your girlfriend is the sweetest thing you could do to make her feel loved, cared and trusted. Probably I am SORRY is the most hardest to say. But, these sweet sorry SMS would help you with your need to apologize and bring back the same love.

    I am sorry for what I did. I will wait forever if that is how long you need to forgive me.

    I am sorry for being such a fool. But I am a fool who is in love with you.

    I am sorry. You know that I am nothing without you.

    I am sorry, the last thing that I want to do is drive you away. You are the one person I love.

    I cannot believe I forgot our anniversary. I am so sorry and I will do anything you want to make up for this mistake.

    If you really want to say sorry and you mean it, do it personnally. These sweet sorry SMS on cute and lovely images would help you with your apologies. Though, sorry is the most hardest thing to say, but is the only way to bring your better half back to you. It’s worth the try. Share it now with your lovable girlfriend whom you had hurt today.

    Today is our special day and it deserves to be celebrated. I am sorry for forgetting our anniversary.

    I am so sorry that I forgot our special day. Please forgive me. Every day with you is so special to me.

    Your birthday came and went, and I missed the moment. Happy belated birthday to my love, I am sorry for greeting you so late.

    You have every right to be made at me for forgetting your special day, but can you forgive me?

    I cannot turn back time, but I can try to make it up to you. I am sorry for forgetting your special day. I love you.

    You are the only guy whose arms I want to be in. Please forgive me.

    I am sorry, you are the only guy for me.

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